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Who We Are

Laura K. Barrett (What Women Want) is the mother of three sons. Laura grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and graduated from the University of California at Davis with a major in Economics.  She teaches yoga and takes walks every day.  For fun, she loves to read; her house is filled with books; she is on a first-name basis with the local librarian. 
She writes about family relationships from the woman’s perspective.

Jessica Kearney Heidgerken and Daren Heidgerken (“Newbies”) were the first-time parents of a new daughter (left) when they first started writing their col
umn.  In the Fall of 2008, a baby boy was added to the brood (right), and then another soon afterward.  Daren is a manager at an engineering firm in California.  More specifically, he is a rocket scientist, which might get him some oohs and aahs were he to go on Jeopardy but doesn’t mean diddly squat to a baby.  In a former life, say a few years ago, Jessica was a full-time editor.  Now she’s mostly a stay-at-home mom who has not the slightest urge to buy a minivan.

Sheila Hopkins (“Old Men”) is one of the first female graduates of Notre Dame, the mother of three grown children, the wife of a man she fell in love with when she was 19, and something of a rolling stone.  She writes about two old men in her life – her dad and her father-in-law.  She is also married to a dad who is getting older by the minute.

Michael Lester is the father of two sons and the CEO, president, chairman of the board and founding father of the Dad Company.  He has written for magazines, newspapers and television and has been the editor-in-chief of travel, investment and lifestyle magazines.  Michael is the author of How to Have Fun with Your Body (Houghton Mifflin) and seven travelogues.  Lately, he has been sleeping a lot.

Miles Lester (Sonnys Side) wrote about parenting from a teenager’s perspective when he was in high school.  (His column, when it appeared during the first year of Dads existence, was called Teen Talk.”)  Today, the bulk of his writing is text messaging.

Harry Shenk (“Great Expectations”) is a freelance writer, author and editor.  He and his wife were pregnant during the first eight months of our site’s life.  (His column runs in reverse chronological order.)  In December 2007, they gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.  Pictured here are Harry’s forefathers and foremothers – the Shenkelbach family of Vienna, Austria.

Ethan Sorscher (“Sonny
s Side”) started writing for Dad as a highschool student, way back when he lived at home with his parents and wrote a monthly column for the Northgate Sentinel, his school paper.  In the Fall of 2008, Ethan moved out of his family home to attend the University of California at Davis.  Ethan writes about life in general from a young mans perspective, but he also writes about lessons of life he has learned from his father.

Bebe Vaughan (“History Lessons”) is the product of an uneasy alliance between the Welsh and the French, with the Brits patrolling the borders.  She has been writing since the age of nine.  She is a member of The Kensington Ladies Erotica Society, contributing as both author and editor to all three of their popular books.  Bebe is the mother of two and the grandmother of four.

Mark Wiertalla (“Empty Nest”) is the father of two adult daughters and an adult son.  Thrice a winner in the annual National Novel Writing Month contest, Mark
writes about how his life has changed – and continues to change – as he transitions from an active, full-time nestkeeper to the role of a consultant dad.  Mark is a product manager for a software company in California’s Silicon Valley.

Jesse Young (“Single”) wrote about the struggles and joys of being a single parent, about his sons and their relationships.  Since writing for Dad, his sons have grown and flown the coop, and Jesse is no longer single.

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